Assessment of Causes of Project Delay in Heritage Building Conservation At Ethiopian Heritage Authority (Eha)

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the causes of delay in implementing heritage building conservation projects, using a descriptive research design and a quantitative approach to collect rich data. Data were collected from a randomly selected sample of forty-six participants, including clients, consultants, contractors, and external stakeholders involved in Ethiopian Heritage Authority projects. Participants responded to closed-ended Likert scale questions, and the data underwent descriptive statistical analysis, focusing on importance indexes and factor ranking using the Relative Importance Index (RII). The analysis revealed bureaucratic procedures within client organizations as a common cause of delay. Conflicts with subcontractors, poor planning and scheduling, lack of experience, and inadequate qualification of the technical staff were identified as influential causes of delay by contractors. Poor contract management was identified as an influential cause of project delays by consultants. Late approval of changes and price escalation were causes of delay for clients and external stakeholders, respectively. Recommendations include internal reviews for identifying bureaucratic inefficiencies by clients, improvement of project management skills by consultants, and clear communication with subcontractors by contractors, enhancing planning and scheduling practices by contractors, training clients on change approval procedures by consultants, improvement on the selection criteria followed by intense evaluation of potential contractors by clients. Suggestions are also proposed for further study and exploration aimed at expanding the current research by delving deeper into specific aspects, incorporating additional variables, or employing alternative analytical techniques, such as regression analysis, as the writer suggests. The provided recommendations offer valuable guidance for future researchers seeking to advance knowledge in the field of delay in implementing heritage building conservation projects. In conclusion, this study contributes to the existing body of knowledge by comprehensively assessing the factors that cause delays in implementing heritage building conservation projects. The findings offer valuable insights and practical implications for managers, project implementers, and researchers, thus fostering the development of effective strategies and interventions in the context of heritage building project implementation



Delay, Ethiopian Heritage Authority