Perception of Managers toward Customer Relationship Management: The Case of Four Star Hotels in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims to examine the impact of hotel managers’ perception toward Customer Relationship Management specifically those who works for four star hotels in Addis Ababa. The paper utilized a questionnaire-based quantitative study to test a series of hypotheses concerning how the perception of managers toward CRM related with the managers’ demographic characteristics and the characteristics of the properties. The influence of their perception toward CRM and the possibility of using, continuing using and recommending CRM also tested. According to the study younger and better educated managers were the majority for this study indicating that the emergence of the younger generation of managers in the hotel industry. Although most of the managers are familiar with CRM and indicate an interest to implement CRM in their hotel since the majority of hotels are smaller and independently managed one might think that they are less likely to invest in these types of technologies and training programs because they have no enough establishments to take advantage of the economies of scale



Customer Relationship Managemen, hotel managers’ perception, four star hotels