The Role of International Community in Combating Transnational Crime S: The Study of Sea Piracy in Thecoast of Somalia (Since 1991)

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Addis Ababa University


Piracy is both an offence and a threat to nations and their citizens. And the real threat posed by piracy to international relations and law of nations has been demonstrated in the waters of Somalia. In the years following the collapse of government in Somalia during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Somalia has deteriorated in to a failed state causing a serious international concern and a regional crisis. The absence of central government and high unemployment has resulted in terrible consequences. One of the severe consequences of the disintegration of Somalia was the rise of lawlessness and the rise of piracy in the Indian Ocean. This study examines the root causes, make-up, motivation, and structure of Somali pirate networks to understand how they organize and operate, and how the organizations might be disrupted. Due consideration is also given to current anti-piracy efforts and the reasons how they counter, prevent and deter the piracy in Somali waters and the Indian Ocean. Effort has been put both by Somalia Transitional Federal Government and by the International community towards nation building. This study attempts to describe the challenges and efforts of the international community in countering piracy and discusses how the international community combats piracy in Somalia from a maritime perspective. It is concluded that the piracy in Somali waters is a direct result of state collapse of Somalia and it is concluded that the international community prevent such a problem



International Relation