The Practices, Successes, and Challenges of Tutorial Program for Female Trainees in Bonga and Hossana Colleges of Teachers Education

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Addis Ababa University


This research lIIork was condllcted aiming 01 examining the practices, successes and major challenges of the tutorial program for female trainees in Bonga and Hossana Colleges of Teachers Education. In search of vital considerations and preconditions required to the ideal instructional settings of tutoring, literatures are found to devote their scientific inquiries. This provides the guiding princ/f)les, strategies and remedial suggestions reviewed here, for that matter. This study is descriptive survey study undertaken using bolh quantitative and qualitative methods, in which the colleges community (female trainees and instructors of both sexe.l) partic/f)ated. QlIestionnaires, interview, fo cus group discussion and documenl review were lIsed as data collecting inslruments and the data were analyzed by using Ji'equency count, percentage and descriptive slalisticalmethods. While lutoring for female students was employed in Ihe colleges lInder the sludy, Ihe practical impressions are idenlified to have been denying the extent to which the program was thought to help Ihe beneficiaries. In the research under taken, it was poinled Ollt Ihal among several others, failures of olganizing the program, the non existence of clear-cut plan of action, Ihe absence of legal accountabililies 10 be asked for such illjitted college female lutorial practice, and wrong perceplion such as stereotypic reluclCince were witnessed while shadowing the casls of the repercussion there on the eyes of participants, the non parlicipant sllldents and the f aculty members. These and others have contribuled much for the lesser significance of female tutorial programs conducted in the colleges investigated. Thus, the shift towards creating and raising awareness, assigning responsible coordinators, providing training, participating IllOre fe male tutors, developing and employing different follow-up and evaluation strategy and establishing proper comll7unication channel were what the research fina lly recol1lmends,jor that matter.



Challenges of Tutorial Program for Female