An Assessment of Factor Affecting Housing Delivery of Condominium Project in Addis Ababa; The Case of Gulele Housing Development Project

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Addis Ababa University


The speedy development of urbanization in developing countries accompanied with lack of adequate and affordable housing is one of the main development challenges. Condominium housing is new form of housing delivery in our country. It is strategic response to rapid urban population growth ,high prevalence of urban poverty ,and urban un employment in major Ethiopian cities this implies that next to the massive housing delivery ,creating large number of job opportunities to reduce prevalent unemployment rate and create a saving culture in the public. But in large part the government is unable to match the demand with simultaneous provision of affordable and adequate housing and infrastructure. Beside on the above fact this study is an attempt to assess the factor that are affecting housing delivery of condominium project in Addis Ababa, especially in Gulele Housing and development project office. Descriptive survey method was employed in this study and a non-probability sampling technique was used. Accordingly, a questionnaire, interview, and document analysis were used as data collection instruments. Frequency and percentages were used to analyze the data obtained. The result from analysis showed the factors that affect condominium projects in the case of Gulele Housing Development Project office. The finding of the research showed that although the project activities are based on a unique nature needs strong monitoring and evaluation system but the project environment the M&E practice are not good and also material availability and distribution, procurement, project planning, design change, capacity of contractor, project management knowhow, are the major factors that are affecting the project delivery. The other problems that make the project delay were dalliance of land preparation and provision of construction materials lack of stakeholder involvement and infrastructure problems are some of the finding of the study. In general the idea of condominium housing project is good to fill the big gap between demand and supply of houses and in creating job opportunities to the citizens with in the implementation problems to achieve the intended Project objectives. Thus, a recommendation has been made under this study on what actions should be taken in order to improve Housing project delivery



Housing Delivery, condominium