The Role of Multilateral Assistance in Ethiopian Education

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Addis Ababa University


To investigate the role played by multilateral assistance to Ethiopian Education, explore its volume and the way it is administered and coordinated, the study was undertaken in 6 offices of multilateral agencies, 3 ministerial head offices , 10 region bureaux, 8 zone and 8 wereda educat i on offices. The data were collected through questionnaire, interview and document analysis. various statistical techniques such as percentages, t-test , chi-square , and correlation coeffic i ents were used to analyses the data. The results suggested that the volume of multilateral assist.ance has shown an increasing trend. This increased ass istance has diversified sources that call for efficient coordination on both donors and recipient sides. For such purpose any capital inflow into the country is negotiated and coordinated by a single ministry-the MOEDe . The study, h owever, evidenced that the problem of coordination has been . observed , even in the presence of such a ministry. The problem of coordination has been worse on the donors side of the assistance fence. Inter-agency cooperation and exchange of information among different donors has not been satisfactorily undertaken. The study further indicated that efforts have been made to integrate assistance with national self-help efforts by enabling the government and the public to cover some percentage of the total project costs. More over, attempts have been observed to monitor and evaluate education projects assisted by multilateral agencies through proj ect progress reports, field trips and tripartite meetings. Nevertheless, the study indicated that such attempts were not continuous. In addition the participation of l ocal au tho ri t ies (particularly those at the grass root level) and the public , though some initiations have been observed, were not as satisfactory as what they had to be.



Role of Multilateral Assistance