Determinante Factors of Deantal Caries in Ethiopian Military Personnal

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Addis Abeba Universty


A military based case-control study was conducted from December, 2004 to February, 2005 among Core 105 Ethiopian Army found around Dessie, to assess socio-demographic and lifestyle determinants of dental caries and to review knowledge and practices towards oral health among cases and controls of dental caries in military personnel. The study population was selected using multi-stage sampling technique, comprising stratification and simple random sampling technique. Dental examination was undertaken to identify cases and controls of dental caries. Once cases and controls were identified, a semistructured and self administered core questionnaire was made. Oral hygiene practice was found to be lower among cases (57.0 %) as compared to their controls (83.2%), and the differences was statistically significant after adjusted for other variables (OR= 3.40, 95 % CI, 2.30, 5.02), but there was no differences among cases and controls in using toothpaste, tattooing the gum and mouse rinsing practices. In this study, year of employment, (being employed in 1990 or after 1990 E.C), grow rift valleys area, consumption of sweet food items, Khat chewing habit and presence of calculus, gingivitis and plaque in the oral cavity was significantly associated with dental caries. There was no significant difference among cases of dental caries and their controls in their knowledge towards oral health, age, rank, educational status, marital status, religion, ethnicity, diet ,alcohol drinking, and cigarette smoking habits . 2 Promotion of good oral hygiene practices In addition, initiation and strengthening of the screening program for the new militaries are recommended to minimize cases of dental caries. The results of this study help the Health Command and other concerned bodies to design effective intervention and strategies to improve oral health of the militaries.



Determinante Factors of Deantal