Level of Anemia in food Secured Versus Nonesecured Households among Women of Reproductive age Group in Fafan Zone, Jigjiga Woreda, Somali Regional State of Ethiopia: a Cross Sectional Study

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Addis Abeba Universty


Introduction: Although the impact of food insecurity and anemia have been shown to be more among reproductive aged women, there is little information in Fafan zone regarding the issue under caption. Objectives: To compare the level of anemia in food secured versus non secured households among women of reproductive age group in Fafan zone. Methods: A Comparative Community based cross sectional study design was conducted in rural Jigjiga woreda and Jigjiga council of Somali regional state of Ethiopia from February to April, 2017. A total of 468 participants were recruited from food secured (n=142) and insecured households (n=287). Household food insecurity status was measured using a modified household food insecurity access scale and hemoglobin was measured using HemoCue spectrophotometer. The collected data were edited manually and then entered and cleaned by using Epi data 3.1 and analyzed by Stata 14.0 software. Both Bivariate and Multivariate analysis were conducted with 95% confidence interval. Statistical significance was set at p-value less than 0.05. . Result: The overall prevalence of anemia was 39.86% [ 95 CI (0.353- 0.446)] of which, 25.17%) had mild anemia, 13.29% moderate and 1.3 had severe anaemia. Anemia in food insecured households was 79.53%[95% CI (.415-0.509)] while among food secured was 20.47%. The major determinants for anemia were inadequate meat and fruit consumption in food secured as well as insecure households. Conclusion and Recommendation The level of anemia was significantly associated in households suffered moderate and severe food insecure households. It is recommended that policymakers need to reinforce the ongoing food supplementation that contains iron and consider subsidizing nutritious foods for poor households.



Level of Anemia in food Secured Versus Nonesecured