Empirical Assessment of Some Household Related Factors Affecting the Wellbeing of Children in Rural Areas: Particular Study of Two Gandas of Dawoo and Becho Districts

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Addis Ababa University


A number of factors related to the households in which children grow up influences the wellbeing of children in rural areas. Some of the household related factors known to affect the wellbeing of children are the size of the household, children's parental status, education and health of the parent, household livelihood, and access to services. On the other hand, the children's wellbeing is indicated by status of their education, health, dietary condition and sanitation. Likewise, it was found that the households related factors do not uniformly determine these wellbeing indicators of children. Hence, factors that are relevant to education of children may not necessarily be relevant to health or other wellbeing indicators such as diet and sanitation. The directions of the relationship also vary from one variable to the other and are generally complex. Moreover, some of the findings of this research are consistent with previous studies while others are not



Social Work