"The Impact Of Customer Service On Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty" (A Study Of Insurance Companies In Etidopia)

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The underlying aim of all employees training is to increase efficiency. The need for employees training has increased significantly in recent years. It is strongly argued that the most effective training program is those which change behavior on the job in a constructive way. Many training program focuses on the modification of employee behavior in a direction that is deemed advantageous to both the company and individuals. Hence the proj ect focuses on the assessment of training impact in government financial institutions. In order to investigate this, questionnaire which is filled by 88 employees who had get the training is used. To complement the response of employees', questionnaire which is filled by 20 line managers and interviews from training officers is utilized. The analysis and interpretation is made using appropriate techniques with the aid of SPSS software package. The investigation revealed the way training lS conducted and evaluated in government financial institutions The crux of institutions to method of need identified gap, this proj ect is informing the reconsider their training methods stated such as assessment, define a define proper training needs based on training program, and evaluating its effectiveness. Besides it informs the stated institutions training programs to know the contribution overall performance of the organization. to evaluate of it to the overall performance of the organization.


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Government Financial Institutions