Assessing the Employee Perception About the Impacts of Institutional Reform on Organizational Culture: the Case of Federal Transport Authority

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Addis Ababa University


This study tries to assess the impacts of institutional reform on organizational culture based on a small-scale survey conducted in Federal Transport Authority by examining the attention given for changing the attitudes and awareness level of employees. Using a case study method, from total population of the study a sample of 75 employees of the organization was taken. The instruments used to gather the data are questionnaires, interviews, and documents. The data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics and some finding are summarized for conclusions and recommendations that might enable the institutional reform implemented in the organization to change the culture of the organization for the successful achievements of the organizations goals. The findings of the study depicts that sufficient attention is not given during reform implementation for changing the human element and culture of the organization. Based on the findings the following recommendations are made on impacts of institutional reform on organizational culture. Top executive’s attention and initiatives for institutional reform and changing the culture must be improved for better performance and achievement of goals of reforms as it was intended. Government has to change the working environment in government institutions and improve the benefit package of the organization by creating uniformity throughout the whole federal government organizations. To sum up, all findings clearly depicts that strong organizational culture was not created even after the implementation of reform in the organization. Keywords: Impacts, Organization Culture, Institutional reform, Participation, and Organizational goal



Impacts, Organization culture, Institutional reform, Participation, Organizational goal