Political Participation of Women at Local Level: The Case of Sebeta Town Administration, Oromia National Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


The main aim of this study was to assess the political participation of women in local government and investigate major factors that have been affecting women’s participation in the governance of the Sebeta town administration. Based on the nature, scope, objectives, time and available resources, the research was conducted using descriptive research methods to collect both qualitative and quantitative types of data. In this study the researcher employed different data gathering instruments. The study makes a brief review of literature related to political participation of women at local level in general and particularly in Ethiopian. The study presents the data collected following the findings based on both qualitative and quantitative data presentation. The study revealed that, the political participation of Women’s problems at Sebeta town mainly due to lack of equal education opportunity, the historically rooted gender based division of labor. More importantly, lack of economic power of women to cover their living expenses is also limiting their participation. As they lack their own income, they consider attending meeting, election campaign and other as time wasting, because they have to take care of their domestic affairs like care given children and cocking. Finally, low level of commitment from women’s league, town administration, and the ruling party also worsen the case. The study recommends legal and institutional improvement, facilitate civic programs and training for women in order to increase their economic independence and knowledge and skills directly related to political participation, civic society participation by women and also gender mainstreaming, to play a positive role of political participation women at local level in order to improve Sebeta town women political participation.



Political Participation of Women at Local