Assessment of the Common Project Failure Causes at Addis Ababa Housing Development Project Office to Propose a Solution Based on PMKAs

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Addis Ababa University


Projects failure is a common phenomenon in the current society. The construction industry is one of the most practical examples of project based industries. Amongst the multitude construction projects here in Addis Ababa, one is the Housing Development Project with the main objective of addressing the housing needs of the city and other socio-economic goals. However, according to the reports the Addis Ababa Housing Development and Administration Bureau, only 180,000 houses have been delivered to the beneficiaries since the establishment of the project office in 2005, that means it has failed to achieve its objectives as of the conventional success metrics. Due to this, it becomes critical to understand the most significant causes that hindered the project to succeed. Hence, this study is aimed to identify the most significant project failure causes of the office, the knowhow and practice of PM theories and concepts, and the ten PMKAs, of course, based on the perceptions of the practitioners in the project execution. This case study is an exploratory type and used a mixed method approach research design with a multi-level cluster sampling techniques. The data was collected using documents reviews, semi-structured interview and questionnaires; and the analysis was made using thematic analysis and SPSS tools sequentially for qualitative and quantitative date consecutively. Manpower, Planning and Procurement related causes were found to be most significant, and the assessment revealed that the PM theories and the ten PMKAs neither known well nor practiced in the project office. Eventually an attempt was made to relate the identified most significant causes with the PMKAs. As the most significant project failure causes were directly related with the PMKAs like PMI, PHRM and PPM, a more intense Project Management expertise and practices were recommended for the improvement of the project office’s performance.



Project failure, project failure causes, Project management Knowledge Areas, most significant causes