Safety management practices and challenges of road construction projects in the Central Region of the Ethiopian Roads Administration

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Addis Ababa University


Road construction is a major development and economic activity known for inherent casualty on men on work due to numerous reasons. These causalities if not managed properly will hamper the target of developmental goal as well as delay the realization of profit from the road development. It is difficult and challenging task to foresee incidents related to a road construction activity before happening as well as its erratic nature does not allow to plan what could be needed if something serious happened; let alone the panic at the moment of happening. Thus, establishing safety management plan is a must in such case. This study is to assess safety management practices and challenges of road construction projects under the Central region of the Ethiopian Roads Administration through two representative highway projects. A descriptive research design method is used in this research and the data collection is made through a structured questionnaire. Both primary and secondary data types were used for this study. The researcher has used quantitative and descriptive research method through a questionnaire. The data was collected from the respondent to be analyzed using quantitative data analysis techniques using SPSS. Stratified sampling technique was used to identify sample size out of total population. Accordingly, data was collected and from the data collected the major findings and conclusions are (a) safety practices is believed to be most important aspect by almost all of the respondents, during road construction; but the culture of the safety management practice during road construction is found to be poor and related trainings are very rarely given and (b) much difference was not seen in practicing safety during road construction in both local and international road construction companies. (c)Only personal protectives equipment (PPE) are sought to be a practice of managing safety in road construction projects. It is recommended that the safety practice is very important and should be implemented thoroughly. Attention must be given to the safety management at the preliminary stage of the road project and should be inspected in regular basis by both client and other governmental bodies.



Construction, Road construction safety management practice, personal protective, equipment (PPE)