Improving Referral Feedback for Patients Transfer from other Health Facility among Health Care Providers in Mearge Hospital, Tigray Region Northern Ethiopia, 2013.

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background: A referral system is the interrelationships and coordination of patient care services from one health care facility to another and then back to the referring facility/Discharge. Essentially, the referral process has two parts. The first part begins by the referring health professional communicating relevant patient information to the receiving health professional. The second part involves the receiving health professional communicates back to the referring health professional with information and plan for continuum of care (referral feedback). And once the care is completed, the receiving unit shall return the patient back to referring unit with timely referral feedback. This system is not practiced in Mearge Hospital and uniformly. The General objectives: Assessment of factors influencing in providing referral feedback among health care provider in Mearg Hospital, in Western Zone, of Tigray Region, Northern Ethiopia . The importance of a good referral system increases the efficiency of the health system by maximizing the appropriate use of health care facilities. It strengthens the peripheral health facilities and improves the decision making capacity of professionals at the lower level of the referral network. It also creates opportunities for balanced distribution of funds, services and professionals while at the same time improving the effectiveness of the health system. In addition, a good referral system helps to promote cooperation among primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care. Methodology: A pre-post intervention study to examine percentage of patients referred to Mearg Hospital was provided with referral feedback when referred back to the referred unit or when to discharge.



Improving Referral Feedback for Patients Transfer from other Health Facility