Administrative and Staff Readiness for Potential Use of ICT in Education: The Case of College of Education, AAU

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


This work presents an investigation of ICT policy of AA U and preparedness of College of Education to integrate ICT into the teaching-learning process. The ICT policy of the University and the readiness of the administrative bodies of the College of Education to integrate ICT were investigated using interview and document analysis. Preparedness of the teaching staff of the College of Education in terms of ICT use, awareness of emerging ICTs, attitude towards ICT and competency(skill) in the use of emerging ICTs were studied using questionnaire. The data obtained through interview and document analysis were analyzed qualitatively while the one obtained through the questionnaire was analyzed using frequency tables and graphs. It was found that ICT policy is currently non-existent at AA U It was, however, found that the University was on the way of developing ICT policy. The .findings also showed that the majority of the teaching staff were using ICTs particularly computers (96.9%) and internet (95.7%). Most of the teaching staffs (93.4%) were found to be using computers daily. As of the competence of the teaching staff on some of the basic ICT applications the study exhibited that the perception of the majority was promising especially on word processing, emailing and internet browsing. The teaching staff and the management team were also found to have positive attitude towards ICT in education. An investigation of the College's infrastructure readiness revealed that there was a serious problem of access to ICTs by the students i.e. the current ICTs were only serving the teaching staff and the administrative offices. The ICT integration level -at AA U, College of Education was seen in light of a proposed ICT integration model. It was f ound that the characteristics of the College of Education resemble a typical institution at the first phase, Emerging Phase, of the proposed ICT integration model. It was, so, recommended that the College of Education needs to work hard to meaningfully integrate ICT into the education sy tem so that movement to the next phases, applying, integrating and transforming could be possible .