The impact of taxi service zoning on service delivery the case of Yeka

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Addis Ababa University


Public transport systems are broadly accepted in many cities as preferred transportation alternative for communication to work, traveling to social events. However, the existing public transport system in Addis Ababa is critically inadequate to provide services for the existing travel demand. This study attempts to assess the reasons that led the city administration to zone the taxi service in Addis Ababa’ and the level of satisfaction of taxi users related to taxi service zoning. It has also assessed the attitudes of taxi drivers and passengers regarding the zoning of the taxi services. The study used descriptive and exploratory research methods. The study mainly relies on secondary data for its analysis and findings; however primary data has also been generated and analyzed with the help of questionnaire and structured interviews. The overall findings of this study portrayed that the purpose of taxi zoning transport system was to improve transport service and resolve its problem as well as giving standard transport service for the people. However, the taxi zoning system failed to achieve its purpose due to lack of correct implementation, lack of well trained institutional leaders, weak management and follow-up mechanism and the stakeholders failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Finally the paper puts forward suggestions and particular solutions to some existing realities of the public transport



Geography and Environmental Studies