An Investigation of The Leadership Styles of Construction Managers in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The Ethiopian construction industry success on a construction project depends on its performance, which is measured based on well-timed and reasonable completion, within the budget gratification, required quality standard and client satisfaction. Ethiopian construction industry stakeholders in general and construction company managers and their employees in particular are facing numerous problems and challenges such as poor performance of construction projects, shortage of financial capability, scheduling problem and organizational system of implementation, performance planning effort, incomplete design and specification groundwork, cost progress monitoring, scarcity of leadership skill of the construction company managers, project managers, and project team leaders. The purpose of this research is to investigate leadership style in the construction industry of Ethiopia on construction company high level managers and specifically on building construction sector. It will explore the profile of effective leaders in the construction industry, the availability of leadership styles, and the ways in which the industry is recognizing, developing and retaining its leaders. Different types of leadership are found in this research, young project engineers leaders tends to use transformational leadership styles while elderly or long years experienced company and project managers likes to practice bureaucratic leadership styles. Regarding gender leadership style result shows insignificant outcome due to very few number of female leaders respondent. Although the educational background and work experienced leaders research result shows the modern transformational leadership styles choice.



Construction, Construction Managers, Engineers, Globalization, Leadership, Management