The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Teachers at Entoto Amba Secondary Schoo

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The objective of this study was to examine the links between job satisfaction and job performance of teachers at Entoto Amba secondary school. Correlation research design was employed to analyse the connection between job satisfaction and job performance of teachers. And 92 participants were selected using stratified and simple sampling technique and both descriptive and inferential statistics were applied in analysing the collected data. The findings of the study show that majority of the respondents (75%) have moderate level of job satisfaction and (25%) of teachers have high level of job satisfaction. Majority 75 (81.5%) of the respondents have moderate level of satisfaction towards the extrinsic dimensions of their job and 62 (67.4%) have a moderate level of satisfaction towards intrinsic factors of job satisfaction. Compared to the extrinsic and the general job satisfaction levels, respondents had scored a high level of intrinsic job satisfaction. Regarding job performance, 33 (35.9%) of teachers experience excellent level of job performance, 18 (19.6%) good job performance, fifteen (16.3%) ‘Very good’ performance and 13 (14.1%) ‘Fair’ and 13 (14.1%) ‘Low’ job performance level. The study also revealed that job satisfaction and job performance have a strong positive relationship, r (92) = .67, p< 0.01. A positive moderate relationship was also found between intrinsic (r (92) = .59, p<0.01) and extrinsic (r (92) = .51, p<0.01) and teacher’s job performance. There was no gender difference is found regarding the general (t (90) = 1.69, p>0.05) and extrinsic (t (90) = .712, p> 0.05) job satisfaction of teachers. Male teachers (M= 44.23± 3.6) were found to have significantly higher intrinsic job satisfaction compared to female respondents (M= 42.04± 3.8). There is found a statistically significant performance difference among sex groups of teachers. Male teachers are found to have a higher level of job performance compared to female teachers. There was no found any statistically significant job satisfaction and performance difference among groups of age, education level and work experience (p> 0.05)



job satisfaction, job performance, Entoto Amba, teachers