Perceived impacts of Alcohol Advertising Ban on Some Selected Mass Media in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Primarily, this research aims to examine the perceived impacts due to an alcohol advertising prohibition in Addis Ababa through self-administered questionnaire. Random sampling techniques were employed to collect primary data from 92 respondents via self-administrated questionnaire. In addition to a self-administered questionnaire, an in-depth discussion was conducted with senior officials who have ample experience in the media sector. Data was presented using table, graphs, means, standard deviation and percentages derived from questionnaires and interviews. The results demonstrated the prohibition proclamation of alcohol promotions from the mass media had adverse impact on their financial performance. According to the study, despite the enforcement of a bill that bans alcohol promotions, youth access to alcohol has not decreased. Furthermore, this has had an extremely detrimental effect on media and advertising industries. According to the study, the bill has significantly contributed to a decrease in revenue, slowdown of labor force demand and overall market share, ultimately decreasing company profitability. Therefore, it's important for folks in the media and advertising fields to carefully examine their business surroundings. When they do this, they can find opportunities to team up with other industries and attract a wider range of customers. Also, instead of outright banning ads, the government better come up with different methods and schemes to tackle the issue.



Alcohol Advertising Prohibition