Network Security Assessment, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Techniques: the Case of Hawassa University Enterprise Lan

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Addis Ababa University


Today we live in a connected world. Communication is a key requirement for all systems and businesses. Increased integration of services and systems requires a compulsive need to establish fast and reliable communication that is as widespread as the organization and its business dealings. Information systems need to reach out to users, vendors, customers and partners (irrespective of their location); everything is connected to nearly everything else. All this brings us to the issue that looking at any system as something that is inside one box or in one enclosed space is not enough to gain assurance about its security. Any major Ethiopian institution has a substantial number of computer systems on its campus, often in the scale of thousands. Hawassa University (HU) is one of the few Universities in the Country; who established a very well LAN infrastructure connecting thousands of nodes for the provision of Unified communication services (intranet/internet services) in its campuses located in and out of the city. Recently most of the campuses are interconnected with 10 GB fiber Optic cable backbone. Due to several security risks enterprises running small-to-large sized businesses face daunting tasks that just a few years ago were not existent; the complexities of the business world have created new risks. Several methodologies, Security Assessment tools and techniques are designed to detect and report on security holes within software applications, allowing organizations to take corrective actions before devastating attacks occur. The common trend in several organizations related to the computer security is investing a tremendous amount of money for purchasing and deploying of security appliances, virus and spy ware protections and other actions sightlessly, without making detail requirement analysis on a specific scenario of a corporate services and business process applications. However, in most cases security assessment for its services and applications has overlooked so far. This research tried to carry out the detail security assessments over HU LAN Active devices, services and applications, the associated risks and put forward appropriate counter measures to fix the holes



Network Security, Assessment, Risk Analysis, Mitigation Techniques, Case of Hawassa, University Enterprise Lan