Factors Affecting Employee Engagement in CBE West Addis Ababa District

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Employee engagement is considered as the most powerful factor to measure an organization’s strength that leads to superior performance for goal achievement. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is one of the service giving organizations where employee engagement is crucial factor in determining superior performance. In spite of its appreciating benefit of employee engagement for enhanced performance, it didn’t get any considerable attention from the side of management as well as the stockholders. This study is, therefore, intended to examine the factors affecting Employee Engagement in CBE West Addis Ababa District. A theoretical foundation was compiled for the study based on the reviewed literature. The study used cross sectional data and samples were selected based on Multi-stage sampling technique. The study applied OLS regression analysis using the collected data from the respondents. The findings of the study shows that Job characteristics, rewards & recognition and organizational justice have statistically significant and positively affect employee engagement. However, the study unexpectedly revealed that Perceived Organizational Support has negative effect on employee engagement. The study suggests that bank higher officials and all stakeholders should give high emphasis to reward and recognition and consider the other factors such as Job characteristics and organizational justice to improve employee engagement that leads to achieve organizational success.


A thesis submitted to Addis Ababa University College of Business and Economics Department of Public Administration and Development Management in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Masters in Public Management and Policy


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Employee Engagement, Job characteristics, Organizational Justice