Factors Affecting Consumer Brand Preferences: The Case of Cultural Food (Baltena) Producers

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Addis Ababa University


Every consumer has his/her own brand preference for products and apply it while making a purchase. The objective of this study was to examine the factors that affect customers brand preference for cultural food producers’ brand. The independent variables included in this study are advertisement, packaging, price, availability and quality; whereas brand preference is the dependent variable. The population of the study were all customers who purchases cultural food products from supermarkets and shops in Addis Ababa. The total sample size was 384. A total of 200 sample responses were collected from 384 sample size. The respondents were selected based on convenience sampling technique. The research design was explanatory and descriptive while the research approach used was Quantitative method. The effect of independent variables (advertisement, packaging, price, availability and quality) on customers brand preference were analysed using correlation and multiple regressions. The findings of the study showed that advertisement, price and availability have a siginfanct and positive impact on brand preference of cultural products while packaging and quality were found insignificant. The study recommends cultural product producers ((baltena) to focus on adverstiment, price and availability of their product in order to be preferred by consumers



Brand Preference, Advertisement, packaging