Challenges of Children with Children, Their Coping Mechanisms and Knowledge of Their Rigth: The Case of Minjar Shenkora District, North Shoa Zone, Amhara Regional State

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Addis Ababa University


Challenges CwC facing and their coping mechanism have not received researchers’ attention so far. This study is concerned with investigating the challenges of children with children, their coping mechanism and knowledge of right in Minjar Shenkora Woreda, North Shoa Zone, Amhara Regional State. The researcher has used qualitative research approach and exploratory case study design to conduct the study. The data required for the study was collected from ten CwC and thirteen key informants from key government stakeholders. The research participants were selected using purposive sampling and data were collected using semi-structured interview guide and observation. The major driving forces for children to have a child at early age are CM, rape and ruses of children. Its consequences are immense and divers, which includes: bio-psycho-social an economic challenge. In response to these challenges, CwC have been used different coping mechanisms such as using the goodwill of their family members (mother and older sisters) and engage in small business activities. Besides, their rights to education, be protected from harmful traditional practices, all forms of sexual exploitation, abuse and exploitation and express their view freely on matters that affecting their life violated. Respondent have little or no knowledge about their rights. The knowledge of Child focused government sector offices about existing Federal and Regional policies and laws is not far from the knowledge of CwC. Limited or no practical efforts have been exerted by the local government and NGOs at grassroots level to support and address the challenges of CwC. As a result of this, the problems of CwC are still persistent throughout the woreda. In general, despite all the available services and opportunities in the district, little priorities and practical efforts were made by the local government (Police and justice system, education, health, ASCI, job creation office and women, children and youth office) at grassroots level so as to support children with children. Therefore, the case is demanding immediate solutions, calling up on concerned bodies to take their integrated, consistent, strategic and coordinated efforts the soonest possible. Key words: Children, Children with Children, Child Marriage, Rape, Deception, Challenges and Coping Mechanisms.



Children, Children with Children, Child Marriage, Rape, Deception, Challenges and Coping Mechanisms.