Comparative Analysis of Milk Yield and Reproductive Trait in F1 And Inter Se Mated Cross Dairy Cows

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Addis Abeba University


This study was designed to evaluate the productive and reproductive performances of Boran x Friesian and Boran x Jersey cross bred dairy cattle with different exotic blood level at Holetta research center dairy farm. A total of, 10,360 cross breed dairy cattle performance records were castoff for the study. Non-genetic factors on the performance of crossbred dairy cattle were applied for estimation. The GLM analysis procedure of SAS 2004 software was employed to determine the fixed effects of year, season, parity, and genetic group. From these analyses, the performance of dairy cattle was influenced by non-genetic factors. Result of fixed effect analysis revealed that year and genetic group were caused significant (p<0.0001) variation in all productive and reproductive traits. Similarly, productive, and reproductive traits were also significantly (p<0.0001) influenced by parity except NSC trait. The traits, milk yield and calving interval were sensitive to seasonal variation. The overall least squares mean for daily milk yield (DMY), lactation length (LL), lactation milk yield, age at first calving, calving interval, and number of services per conception were ÷ 6.61 ± 0.04 kg, 329.2 ± 1.7 kg, 2152.4 ± 17.2 days, 38.35 ± 0.35 months, 488.7 ± 332 days, and 1.94 ± 0.06 respectively. Therefore, from the result of this study, it became viable to concluded that suitable choice on parental strains and crossing of them to provide calves of the following technology through enhancing the general control gadget withinside the farm needs to be carried out for in addition research.