A Study on the Cause of Limited Participants of Elite Athlets In Short Distance Running: The Case of Selected Athletics Clubs, Oromia Region

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Addis Abeba university


The purpose of this study was to investigate the cause of limited participation of elite athletes in short distances running at some selected athletic clubs in Oromia regional state. To achieve the purpose of the study descriptive survey design was employed. The study area covers four athletics clubs namely, Bishoftu, Gelan, Sululta and Holeta Athletics Clubs in Oromia Regional State which were selected from 21 athletics clubs by using the methods of purposive sampling. From four athletics clubs and Oromia Athletics Federation, 66 participants were selected by using random sampling techniques. The subjects of the study include 6 Oromia athletics officers 8 coaches, 4 clubs managers and 24 male athletes and 24 female athletes. To collect relevant data questioners and interview were used. The data collected through questioners were analyzed quantitative and qualitative methods. The result of the study indicated that the clubs use more of the traditional and non-scientific method of training in addition to lack of proper facilities and equipment, shortage of standardized training area and convenient running track, absence of continuous use training inputs, inadequate knowledge and skill of trainers, low level of attention and support and poor/inadequate nutritional feeding system that resulted in limited participation and performance of athletes in short distance running. However, the interest of athletes in short distance was found to be rated very high. To increase the participation and performance of the athletes in short distance running, the researcher recommends that Oromia Athletics Federation works more to improve the training methods, access to proper facilities and equipment and proper nutrition with more support and attention to the clubs in the region



participation; facilities; Limitation; method of training; short distance running