Utilization of Underground Solid Waste Management System for Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia: Case study on ‘Lideta’ Sub-City Condominium

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Addis Ababa University


Managing wastes has become a problem especially in highly urbanized areas. There are a lot of human activities that contribute to waste generation. If these waste materials failed to be disposed in the proper manner and in the proper place, create a serious problem to humans and threat to nature. Solid Waste Management plays a big role on the preservation of life and nature. Ethiopia is considered as the tiger economy of Africa for its fast growth and development, this advancement also affects a solid waste management. There had been some attempt to implement policies to promote proper solid waste management. This study is concerned on the implementation of underground waste management system for a more efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly waste management solution. Design of UGSWM has been proposed based on varies parameter including solid waste generation, number of population, area of existing bin, number of building. Analytical formula are applied to compute different solid waste rates. A case study is conducted for reasonably selected (i.e., Lideta sub city condominium) site and proper design had investigated to meet the required objectives on various components of the system used for installation process. In conducting this study, interview questionnaires were answered by 60 household residents, 2 hospitals and 6 business/commercial establishments’ respondents of Addis Ababa community. The survey was conducted to gather information on the knowledge and practices respondents have on solid waste management. The awareness of the residents in the Addis Ababa about solid waste management is low. The practices and compliance of residents indicates the knowledge and training they have acquired. Solid waste management is a human obligation to fulfill. The inefficiency and failure to sustain proper solid waste management is a societal, environmental, economic, and political issue. This paper concludes that a truly integrated solid waste management system could be realized by implementing underground solid waste management and should be implemented to Addis Ababa city to ensure for healthy environment, economically.



Waste Management, underground solid waste disposal, installation process