Evaluation of The Performance and Cost of Pavement Marking Materials: The Case of White Lane Line Marking in Addis Ababa City Arterial Streets

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Addis Ababa University


Most Addis Ababa City arterial streets furnished with inappropriate faded pavement markings which increase the exposure are road users for the accident. Understanding the durability performance of pavement marking material over time is important to establishing an optimum pavement marking strategy. In general, pavement marking performance is judged by two criteria: durability and visibility. Durability refers to the amount of material remaining on the pavement surface over time. This paper mainly focuses on durability performance, because it affects both the daytime and nighttime appearance of markings, for development of pavement marking degradation model. The percentage of pavement marking remaining on the pavement surface was collected from 37 arterial streets in the Addis Ababa City which has almost the same traffic volume, pavement condition, drainage condition and different in service life. From those streets, 24 roads are painted by thermoplastic and the remaining is painted by traffic paint pavement marking materials. Based on the durability and age as a dependent and independent variable respectively, degradation model was developed and used to estimate the safe service life of pavement markings. Estimated life cycles and total installation costs were used to determine the materials’ annual costs. The research finding indicated that linear model is more reasonable than the polynomial and exponential models. The durability degradation rate per month was 3.36% for thermoplastic and 5.48% for traffic paint. It will take about 340 days (approximately 1 year) and 680 days (approximately 2 years) for white traffic paint and thermoplastic lane line markings respectively, to reach the threshold values which is 50% marking remaining on the pavement surface, hence need maintenance. And also the estimated annual cost were indicates that thermoplastic was more economical under most condition relative to traffic paint.



Pavement Marking, Durability, Degradation, Thermoplastic, Traffic Paint, Economical