The effect of branding and packaging on consumers buying decision in case of Robera coffee product

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The paper aims to analyse the effect of branding and packaging design on consumers buying decisions in the case of Robera Coffee PLC. Consumers of Robera coffee PLC established the study population. The study followed a quantitative research approach, explanatory design, case study method, and questionnaire as data collection instrument. Convenience sampling was used to select 200 respondents. Multiple linear regression was used to analyze the study results. Results signpost all antecedent variables explained the outcome variable except brand association. Presented in order of their effect size brand material, packaging information, brand loyalty, packing colour, perceived quality, and brand name awareness, respectively influenced consumer buying decision in the case organization. The paper concludes packaging design has more influence than branding in shaping the buying decision of Robera coffee PLC consumers. Finally, we recommend the management of Robera Coffe PLC not to emphasize and invest resources on activities related to brand association


A Thesis submitted to school of graduate student of Addis Ababa University faculty of business and economics in partial fulfilment for Award of Masters of Arts degree in business administration


Branding, Packaging, Consumer Buying Decision