(Critical) Success Factor of Startup Construction Companies in Ethiopia

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This research examines the critical success determinants of startup companies in the construction industry. The purpose of the study is to determine to what extent the different Critical Success Factors affect the success of startup construction companies in Ethiopia. The study reviews different literatures related with startups and different categories of critical success factors. The goal is to determine which critical factors highly affect success of startups established after the year 2006 E.C, registered in Addis Ababa and in the category General Contractors 5 and above. Questionnaires and interview were used for the purpose of data collection. High level statistical analysis i.e. inferential statistics and hypothesis testing were used for the analysis of the data collected. The result of the analysis suggested that the critical success factors related with success of startups are indeed the deciding factors over success or failure. Finally the paper recommendswhat company owners/ general managers of startups in the construction industry need to do regarding the success of their company.


A thesis submitted to the Graduate Program of the Department of Management and the College of Business and Economics, of Addis Ababa University In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Masters of Business Administration In Management


Critical Success Factors and Project Success, Startups, Success