Cloud Data Security Framework for Payment Card System: The Case of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


A cloud computing is an emerging model for the provisioning of dynamically elastic and often virtualized resources at the levels of infrastructures, platforms and software. It is becoming a possible choice for the banking industry to benefit out of its advantages. Banks are attempting to shift their services to the cloud even though there are business risks related to data security. Data security is the science and study of methods of protecting data in computer and communication systems. Within the banking modules, this thesis concerns on the payment card system data security since fraud on payment card system is becoming a serious issue for the banking industry and cause an economical crisis. Currently, Ethiopian banks‟ practice with the involvement of third party shows that there is an unsecured way of data transmission between payment applications and an access control issue that leads to internal and external frauds. The objective of this thesis is to design a cloud data security framework for payment card system of Ethiopia in order to contribute data security solutions to the existing payment card system and in the cloud environment. Interview, questionnaire, observation, literature review, designing and simulation are used to carry out the research process. The proposed framework is about communication between applications throughout the payment card system with the integrated security component. The security component contains the proposed combined algorithm (AES, RSA and SHA2) that ensure data confidentiality and integrity at the time of data transfer into the cloud and selected access control technique is also applied to the databases and library files. Cryptool2 and CloudSim simulation tools are used to implement the proposed cloud data security components. Cryptool2 is used to generate the combined encryption algorithm and CloudSim simulates the cloud environment for the payment card system and come up with a cloud data security framework for a payment card system. Measuring encryption algorithm performance with various parameters and testing with security threat are some of the recommendations for future work. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Data Security, Payment Card System, Payment Card System Data Security, Security Component, Data Confidentiality and Integrity on Cloud Computing



Cloud Computing; Data Security; Payment Card System; Payment Card System Data Security ;Security Component; Data Confidentiality and Integrity on Cloud Computing