Factors Associated With Employees’ Job Satisfaction: A Comparative Study On Selected Star Rated Hotels In Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Employees’ satisfaction is thought as a key factor for hotel establishments’ productivity and retention of key, competent and skillful employees. The specific objectives of this study were to assess Addis Ababa hotel employees’ satisfaction level by highlighting their mean score, examining the prevailing hotel employees’ satisfaction difference and examining the extent of hotel employees’ satisfaction association with pay, promotion, supervision, benefits, rewards, coworkers and nature of work. The study had employed a descriptive survey research design based on data collected from 241 employees of 11 hotels conveniently selected for this study. The study found out that one and two star hotel employees had lower satisfaction level than three and four star hotels. The study also found out the prevalence of significant employees’ satisfaction difference with respect to star accreditation criterion. Furthermore, pay rate and supervision have been found to be factors associated with employees’ job satisfaction. In accordance with finding of the study, the study recommends hotel establishments in Addis Ababa to maximize their respective employees’ satisfaction level and fill the existing gap of employees’ satisfaction with respect to each star category. Besides, the study recommends those hotel establishments in the capital to concentrate on employees’ satisfaction association with factors that are most relevant with it. . Key words: Employees job satisfaction, Hotel industry