A Study on the Effective Utilization of Interactive Radio Instruction Programs to Teach English in Prllv1ary First Cycle Schools in Laigaint Woreda

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study is to assess the utilization of IRI English programs In primary first cycle schools. The necessary data were collected using questionnaire, observation and interview. The purpose of the questionnaire was to collect data regarding utilization trainings, provision of printed support materials, radio sets and radio maintenance services, utilization of the programs on the part of teachers, commitments of REB, Woreda Education office, and directors and teachers' perception towards IRI programs. The observation focused on what teachers actually did before, while and after broadcast when they taught English utilizing the IRI programs. The interview data was used to cross check the data collected through questionnaire and observation. Percentages were used to analyze the data collected through questionnaire. Qualitative analysis was employed to analyze the data obtained from open ended items and through the interview. [n addition, the observation data was analyzed qualitatively. The results of the analysis revealed that teachers were not provided with sufficient utilization trainings and support materials. [t was also discovered that teachers did not utilize IRI programs fully and the Regional Education Bureau and Worcda Education Office were not committed to the implementation of IRI programs and do not provide supports for schools/teachers. In addition, the observation data analysis showed that classroom teachers did not carry out the pre-broadcast tasks, like checking pupils sitting arrangement, getting ready relevant teaching materials, making pupils have a purpose for listening, identifying pupils who can serve as examples during broadcast. It also revealed that they did not perform the while and post broadcast tasks like signaling children to listen sil ently, helping model pupils and making them do what the radio told them to do, applying relevant teaching materials and after broadcast checking pupils understanding of a given radio lesson and giving additional lessons. Finally, it has been recommended that EMA, REB and Woreda Educational Office should provide teachers with sufficient utilization trainings and support material s. In addition teachers should utilize IR[ programs fully and they should carry out the pre-, while- and post broadcast tasks properly.



Study on the Effective Utilization