Factors Affecting Policy Implementation: Case of Employment Policy of Ethiopia

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This study sought to identify factors affecting policy implementation by using a standardized tool employed by USAID. The purpose of this study is to measure whether there exists a relationship between the seven dimensions of policy implementation and the dependent variable of success and change of policy implementation. Moreover, it also aimed at measuring how well the seven dimensions and policy implementation are perceived by implementers. The sample size for this study is 384. The instrument used for data collection is adopted from the instrument used by USAID for policy implementation assessment. Findings from the study were that there is a significant relationship between all policy dimensions and success and change of policy evaluation with the exception of operations and services that failed to be accepted as a hypothesis since the p-value is above 0.05. The policy, its formulation and dissemination, implementation planning and resource mobilization, leadership, stakeholder engagement and feedback on progress and results are important predictors of overall policy implementation based on their beta coefficients and T-value



policy implementation, Resource mobilization, Leadership, implementation planning