The Strategic Government Communications and Public Engagement in Ethiopia:- The Case of Drafting Public Laws in Counsel of Ministers

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Addis Ababa University


The objective of this research was to identify the gap currently seen on strategic government communication and public engagement in Ethiopia:- the case of drafting public laws in the Council of Ministers. The study was conducted to investigate why Council of Ministers turned back some draft of public laws for public discussion? Why discrepancies‖ are made on some public laws after adopted or amended? Are there integrations of public relation departments with Law drafting departments in sector offices? Are there good Strategic Government communicated with public concerning the draft of public laws? And others are stated. The main objectives are to Assessing existing strategic government communication on public law drafting; to identify the gap seen between Public and government strategic communication on drafting public laws; And to assess the causes of redundancy of public laws amendment; to extract why discrepancies are made on some public laws? The research design contains mixed research methods will take place. Mixed methods research resides in the middle of the continuum, because; it incorporates elements of both research method approaches. Thus, it enables the researcher to develop the actual experience and helps to use mixed methods and analyze the data relevant to the subject. The researcher used stratified sampling techniques. The strata are formed based on some common characteristics. Basically the strata start with public law practitioners, public law drafting practitioners and from elite people of weredas council in Addis Ababa. The researchers randomly select the sample proportionally. This is due to the fact that selecting subjects for the study and it is very crucial and helps researcher to answer the research questions and to meet the goal for research title. On this research some findings are: there are huge communications gaps between governments and public; there are redundancies‖ of amending proclamations and regulations; Amending proclamations and regulation causes wastes crucial time and economies. When council of minister turned back for draft of public laws for discussing on it again this wastes crucial time of nominate minister and direct coping of some public laws from abroad. Public relation departments are more responsible for bridging government with public. Here my recommendations are: Public relation departments have to do base on science of strategic government communication; Public relation departments in ministerial offices has to have integrated plans with law drafting departments and with others to address public and Public relation department shall strengthen and enhanced for their professional jobs