The Effectiveness of Cluster Center in Promoting Teachers’ Professional Development in Hadiya Zone Governmental Secondary Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the effectiveness of cluster centers in promoting teachers’ professional development in the case of Hadiya zone governmental secondary schools. The descriptive survey method was used to study the problem. The study was carried out in 7 cluster secondary schools and 7satellite secondary schools. The subjects included 248 teachers 14 principals, 7 resource center supervisors, 6 woreda educational sector experts. Questionnaire was administered accordingly. In addition to questionnaire; interview were also used. The data collected through questionnaire was analyzed using frequencies and percentages. Qualitative data, which were collected using interview, were analyzed by direct interpretation. The findings of the study indicated that, the training programs held at cluster resource center and satellite schools were spontaneous, infrequent and not determined by need assessment. Experience sharing among cluster schools did not exist. The cluster school innovation was not successful in attaining, active learning, question and answer, training, in the teaching learning process. On the other hand, lack of structuring cluster resource representative and attaching responsibility to innovate cluster school program affected the positive outcome of the intervention. Lack of monitoring and follow-up from the concerned officials also had its negative influence on the proper functioning of cluster resource center. On the basis of the findings, it was concluded that all secondary schools in Hadiya zone was organized under cluster secondary schools resource centers. However, there is absence of interest and commitment of teachers as well as a shortage of resource materials and budget to implement properly. The participation of school community in the cluster center is not sufficient when compared with the guideline as expected. Finally, It is suggested that teachers get chance to participate actively in the cluster center, fulfilling basic materials to prepare teaching aids, concerned bodies prepare a program at the end of semester and year to present their plan and report for satellite schools community, Woreda education offices ask budget for cluster centers and Cluster center supervisors, were recommended for the successful attainment of the program.



Promoting Teachers’ Professional Development