Analysis of Efficacy of Good Governance Issues Coverage on Zami 90.7 Fm Radio „YEGAZETEGNOCH Kib Terepeza‟ Program

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Addis Ababa University


In light of the five years Growth and Transformation plan of the Ethiopian government, the concept and application of good governance need to be developed and cultured in different activities of the society through the media which is the concern of this study. It is the assumption of the present research that media are the promoter and supporter of good governance issues in the country and that journalists have to set agenda purposely for the salient issues. The study was conducted to explore the efficacy and the extent of the coverage of good governance issues on Zami 90.7 FM radio ‘Yegazetegnoch Kib Terepeza’ program. More over the research tried to examine the emphasis the program gives to good governance issues. To assess the main objective of the project, content analysis was employed as a primary source of data gathering tool. In order to measure the efficacy of the program, 50 questionnaires were distributed to sample audiences. To develop and support these data and to arrive at a comprehensive conclusion, semi-structured interviews were conducted with the moderator and producers of the program. The data obtained through interviews were discussed and analyzed qualitatively. The researcher selected a sample of four months, from August 07, 2010 to December 03, 2010. The stories content was categorized in to different groups in a bid to answer the research questions. In that the analysis was made based on the type, theme, origin, placement, frequency, duration, aim, and source of stories. The findings of the research revealed that Zami 90.7 FM radio’s ‘yegazetegnoch kib terepeza’ program as an agenda setter was rather weak. Good governance issues coverage and frequency distribution were relatively little during the selected period. The selected audiences’ awareness and interest to the program were also lower. In general, the results of this study indicates that this round table discussion program is not effective in presenting and addressing good governance issues to the public.



Good Governance Issues