Exploring the Attitude and Perception of the Community Towards Community Policing: the Case of Nefas Silk Lafto Area

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Addis Ababa University


The issue of security is a global concern for the people of the world; people have to be safe to perform their day to day activities. To make the world free from fear of crimes and intimidation, countries try to use diverse ways of minimizing threats. Community policing is one of the method that has been used to secure the safety of the people. It is a means of preventing crimes before it causes serious damage in collaboration with the community. This study explores the attitude and perception of the community towards community policing by taking Nefas Silk Lafto area as a subject. Primary data has been collected through in depth interview from the community members, police officers and community based organizations. Related researches, journals, policies, documents, published and unpublished materials have been reviewed. Findings indicate that the community have not been grasped the appropriate purpose, mission and significance of community policing. Some members of the community try to understand the essence of it but still large number of community are not convinced by the intention of community policing and some visualized their own prediction as intention and reached conclusion. The study highlights actions undertaken to improve the perception of the community and a few awareness creation programs were carried out by police. The study also indicates measures to be taken to improve the perception of the community



Social Work