The practice of psycho-education for people with mental illness receiving treatment at Amanuel specialized mental hospital

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Psycho-education has been one of the core components of psychiatric treatment methods for some time. However, there is no information about the practice of psycho-education among clinicians at Amanuel Hospital. Aim: The purpose of this study was to assess the practice of psycho-education provided for people with mental illness receiving treatment at Amanuel Specialized Mental Hospital and to see its association with treatment adherence. Method: Quantitative approach was employed to conduct the study. The study was conducted on selected consecutive outpatients attending follow-up clinics at Amanuel Hospital. Records of 1128 patients were obtained from the outpatient clinic for sampling. Of these, 120 were selected from different types of disorders using simple random sampling technique. A questionnaire developed by the PI and MMAS were used to collect data from the respondents. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS version 20. Results: The majority of the participants (54.2) were men, 52.5% were single, and 60.0% Christians and 40.0% were Muslims. Over 80.0% were unemployed and 45.0% had attained high school level of education. 58.3% of the participants reported that they had not received any information about their illness. Among those who had received psycho-education, only 42% of them said patients receive information about precautions to take to prevent relapse. This study showed that there is a significant association between gender, age, educational level, marital status, employment status, residence, and psycho-education. These socio-demographic variables were also associated with medication adherence. The participants who reported to have received psychoeducation were more likely to adhere to treatment compared to those who had not received it. Conclusion: The finding suggests that the practice of psycho-education provided for outpatients at Amanuel Hospital is very limited.



Practice, Psycho-education, Treatment, Mental illness, Amanuel Specialized Mental Hospital