Assessment of Affordability and Living Condition of Condominium Housing in Addis Ababa: The Case of Lideta Sub city in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis attempt to explore the affordability and living condition of condominium housing in Addis Ababa. Among other condominium sites Lideta condominium site was chosen purposively. The researcher used mixing qualitative and quantitative methods and used primary and secondary data sources. To select the target population a researcher used simple random sampling technique and the required information collected from one hundred fifty one households living in studio and one bed room. The data generated to meet these objectives were collected via household survey, in-depth interviews, focused group discussion, personal observation, and by reviewing different secondary documents. The finding shows that, due to increasing the price of condominium houses, the less purchasing power of the urban poor can’t afford it. On the contrary, the middle and higher income dwellers are living in the condominium houses. Further the researcher find out whether they are middle and higher income dwellers but it is difficult to pay the down payment as well as the installment too. The result shows that, in the study area access of water supply, open space, size of the rooms and domestic noise are consider as the main challenges. While access of services, housing quality and creation of job opportunities for the youth are some examples of opportunities in the study area. In line with, the finding reveals that the housing development program has some difficulty to achieve its objectives toward making the urban poor to be a house owner with affordable price. The study mainly suggest that, such measures alleviate the difficulty of affordability and living condition: by creating a massive job opportunity and income generating systems for the urban poor’s to improve their financial capacity. Giving continuous capacity building programs to encourage the saving culture of the society. In addition minimize the shortage of water supply and also the government should work hard to achieve its objectives by delivering the affordable houses for the urban poor’s considering with their financial capacity. Key words: Lideta, Affordability, condominium, low income, housing, living condition



Lideta, Affordability, Condominium, Low Income, Housing, Living Condition