Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, Practice Towards Antenatal Exercise And Its Associated Factor Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care At Health Centers In Kirkos Sub City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018.

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Being physical inactivity during pregnancy increases the risks of pregnancy related complication. Consequently, around 830 thousand of pregnant women were pass way every day worldwide. However, having adequate knowledge helps to do physical exercise during pregnancy in order to avoid these pathologies and its sequel later in life. Therefore, this aimed to assess knowledge, attitude, practice to wards antenatal exercise and its associated factor among pregnant women attending antenatal care at health centers in Kirkos sub city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2018. Methodology: A Health facility based cross-sectional quantitative study design was employed and 355 of participant were invited to interview and got 100 % response rate. It studied from March 6-April 24, 2018. Data entered into a computer using Epi data version 4.2 and analyzed by SPSS version 2. Binary and multivariate logistic-regressions were used to identify possible predictors. And OR and 95% CI were used to measure strength of associations at p-value of <0.05. Result: About 56.6% and 52.1% pregnant women were not knowledgeable and had positive attitudes about antenatal exercise respectively. In addition, 24.8% practiced antenatal exercise. Significant associations was found between knowledge of antenatal exercise and better schooling like college with AOR= [2.85, 95% CI (1.38, 5.91), P=0.005]. Pregnant who was knowledgeable about antenatal exercise were more likely to have favorable attitude and practiced antenatal exercise with AOR= [5.65, 95% CI (3.26, 9.80), p=0.000] and AOR= [3.76, 95%CI (1.68, 8.45), P=0.001] respectively. Moreover, experience of physical exercise before pregnancy was found a significant influence on practice with AOR= [0.42, 95%CI (0.211, 0.84), P = 0.014] Conclusion: This study indicated majority of the participant were not knowledgeable and more than half had positive attitude about antenatal exercise and level of practice of antenatal exercise is very low. Therefore, health care providers and other respective bodies should be creating awareness on actual benefits of Antenatal exercise to prevent pregnancy-related complication.



knowledge, attitude, practice, antenatal exercise, pregnant women