Assesment of Knowledge about Cervical Cancer and Barriers towards Cervical Cancer Screening among HIV Positive Women, in Health Centers of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba Universty


Background: Cervical cancer is the second most common women cancer with 528,000 new cases each year worldwide. Current estimates indicate that every year 7095 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 4732 die from the disease in Ethiopia. The magnitude of precancerous cervical cancer lesions as well as invasive cervical cancer is higher in HIV-infected women than others. Participation in screening for cervical cancer is poor among Ethiopian HIV patients. The awareness women have about the disease can play a vital role in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer. Information regarding this area is very scares in HIV patient of Ethiopia, so this study aims to assess women’s knowledge about cervical cancer and barriers to cervical cancer screening among women living with HIV in health centers of Addis Ababa city. Methodology: A facility based cross sectional study design using both quantitative and qualitative method was conducted among 594 HIV positive women with age between 21and 65 years. Univariate and binary logistic regression analysis were performed. Chi square test was used and p-value < 0.05 was considered for multiple regressions. Open code analysis was used to code and categorize qualitative data, and then thematic analysis was employed. Result: Out of 581 women enrolled with mean age 34.9±7.7 years, 41.1% were married, 34.1% had primary school while 57.8% of participants have heard about cervical cancer. Only 21.3% were knowledgeable about cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening, 86.2% were willing to be screened and 10.8%% were already screened for cervical cancer. In multivariate analysis educational status and knowing someone with cervical cancer were associated with knowledge score with p < 0.05. Conclusion and recommendation: Knowledge regarding cervical cancer is poor among HIV positive women and screening rate was low. The most commonly identified barrier was lack of awareness, so it is needed to scale up health education regarding cervical cancer and screening methods for HIV positive women in Addis Ababa.



Assesment of Knowledge about Cervical Cancer