Factors Affecting the Intention to Use Mobile Banking Service (cbe-birr): Case study on Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

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The research has been focused to assess factors affecting the intention to use mobile money (CBE Birr) in Commercial bank of Ethiopia, selected Branches in Addis Ababa city was used as a case study area for the study. Literature has reviewed on: service of mobile banking. Mixed research design has been used to realize the study objective. Using Krejcie and Morgan has taken from total population based on multiple stage method used. The data has been collected from both primary and secondary sources of data. The main research instrument used a Likert 5 scale questionnaire to collect primary data. From total Target population selected respondents (246) were sampled for data collection; Reliability and Validity of instrument has been used for test by carrying out a pilot study. The collected data has been processed with the help of computer software package (SPSS version 24.00). The collected data has been analyzed through different statistical techniques: descriptive statistics, inter correlation t-test, ANOVA and multiple regressions. According to the findings of the study there was a significant relationship between demographic information and intention to use mobile money (CBE Birr). The findings revealed that the result further revealed lack of customer awareness, customer lack of confidence with the security aspects Product Image in the Society and Limitation in availability and quality of infrastructure are the other factors affectingIntention to Use CBE-Birr mobile money service in commercial bank of Ethiopia. The study recommends that, to improve the benefits of mobile banking services CBE should strongly work on making the service ease and let the customers know the status for their decision and confidence. CBE should also work to the extent of offering better and reliable security by encryption information to protect their customer’s privacy. In order to make simple the service, CBE should be available with voice or other channel to illiterate customers who can’t read and write.


Partialfulfilment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Mba (Masters Of Business Administration).


Agent Banking, CBE -BIRR Mobile money service