Addis Ababa University Data Center Virtualization Framework In Banking Sector: The Case Of Wegagen Bank S.C

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Addis Ababa University


As business and requirements grow, IT infrastructure must become more efficient and agile to meet the outlined strategies, business demands and remain competent. Banks are undertaking massive transformation of their IT infrastructure investments for quality service delivery and improved customer satisfactions. In addition, this technological infrastructure can reduce operational challenges and risks. Virtualizations across data centers is a growing technology for banking sector which provides huge savings in floor space, power and cooling cost and utilization of assets across network, storage devices and servers. The objective of this research is to explore the current traditional (physical) infrastructure practice and to propose and develop data center virtualization framework that brings a preferred solution for banking sector for quality service delivery in effective, scalable, manageable, and secured manner. Moreover, the study aims to ensure high availability of information technology services for powering banking sectors from technology. Design science research approach was employed. Data was collected through document analysis and interviewee with ITSD directors, infrastructure and system managers, senior system, database and network administrators and IT experts and the result has been interpreted. The proposed data center virtualization framework was evaluated by experts through demonstrations. Based on the interpretation and findings benefits, of virtualization in relation to high availability, management, scalability and flexibility for Wegagen bank is briefly discussed. The proposed DC virtualization framework will reduces IT infrastructure costs and management complexities and increases service availability and utilization of hardware. Accordingly, when the proposed DC virtualization is implemented, it will have major contribution for the banking sector in Ethiopia.



Data center, virtualization and Ethiopian banking sector