The Role of E-government in Enhancing Performances of Public Service Qualities and Promoting Good Governance: With Special Reference of Document Authentication and Registration Agency

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Addis Ababa University


This research has emphasized on “The Role of E-governmnet in Enhancing Performances of Public Service Qualities and Promoting Good Governance”. The research has used explantory research type and both quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data were analyzed using multiple linear regression model, one way annova and correlations coefficients to test hypothesis and quanlitative data were anlyzed using five steps (Compiling, disassembling, reassembling, interprating and concluding) of data. All data were gained from questionnaire, key informants interview, structured observation and secondary data to achieved its objective. The advancements in the field of Public administration and ICT have opened up huge opportunities for government to transform their operation and services delivery system. E- government is a paradigm shift over traditional public administration aimed at rendering of governmnet services and information to the public using electronic channels. While, government organizations have faced great levels of uncertainity in deploying and providing E-government services because of the complexity of technology, deeply entrenched organizational routines, and great diversity in the acceptance of technology by individuals. This study has explored that; successful E-government implementation has very posetive effects on improving public service quailities and promoting good governance in public sectors. Again the findings reveaved that botleneckes for succesful implemnetations were (poor leadership commitement and knowledge gap, poor IT skills and Customers awareness gap, public sectors preffere to stayed with traditional service delivery mechanisms, poor websirte, design, features and contents, unaligned sectorial E-service platform implemntations). This study has forwarded as recommendations (public sectors have transform traditional service delivery to interoperability systems using ERP, build up leadership commitments, increase customers’/citizens awaremness level and IT skill, improve website feature, dessign and contents



Registration agency