Analyze Factors Influencing Passengers’ Satisfaction in Addis Ababa City Light Rail Transit Service

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to analyze factors influencing passengers’ satisfaction in AAC-LRTS. The researcher has taken 365 passengers’ for survey questionnaire using convinces sampling technique. Additionally, 20 informants were selected for semi- structured interview questions through random sampling technique from the 5 selected stations. The data collected by survey method were analyzed using SPSS version 20. The results of Spearman’s correlation analysis of the study indicated that there was a significant positive correlation of all independent variables; safety and security, reliability, comfort, ticket payment system, affordability, staff behavior, accessibility and availability with passengers’ satisfaction. The multiple regression analysis of the study depicted that, all the independent variables contributed only 56.8% of variances on passengers’ satisfaction and the remaining 43.2% explained by other variables which were not included in the model. Based on the findings of this research, the LRTS management should sustain and continue the better provisions of the light rail transit services primarily to satisfy passengers and secondly to attain organizational goals. Key words: Light rail transit, Passengers’ Satisfaction, Service quality dimensions, Ticket payment system



Light rail transit, Passengers, Satisfaction, Service quality dimensions, Ticket payment system