Portrayal of Fraud and the Youth in the Amharic Film - Made in China: Socio-economic Implications

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Addis Ababa University


This study is an inquiry into the portrayal of fraud and the youth 111 local films . The study is intended at understanding the socio-economic outlooks of the youth on economic gains. Thus, the researcher collected a number of Amharic films issuing fraud, and picked one for in depth ana lysis. The researcher empl oyed semiotic analys is to analyze the film. The analysis has invo lved a range of variables which can help extract socio-econom ic outlooks from the selected film. In the interpretation, the study has tried to examine the analyzed data for underlying meanings in their socio-economic contexts. It approached the issue from certain theoretical frame works but frolll differnt angles putting the multi-dimensional nature of the issue into consideration . In do ing so, the study has tried to address the social critics on the present economic conditions of the country, local and global economic influences that drive the youth into acts of fraud and society's role in tackling it. As a result, the study has come up with some perceived rea lities of local and global economic effects wh ich initiate young peo ple to look for the shortest but di shonest path to escape poverty. Moreover, the study was ab le to explore the ethical dilemma people encounter in a society which is in dynamic economic reform. Itrevea ls that the poor young people are in a constant clash with societal values. The researcher believes that these findings to add to the understanding of the way contemporary local films portray soc io-economic realities.



Amharic film - Made in China, Socio-economic implications