The Migration of Ethiopian Female Domestic Workers to Arab Countries : With Special Reference to R eturnees

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Addis Ababa University


This study is about the migration offemale domestic workers from Ethiopia to Arab countries of the Middle East. It tries to explore the causes of migration, the channels used by domestic workers to exit from the country and the difficulties these labour migrants face in destination areas. The study further looks into the prevention mechanisms available to protect the women from abuse and exploitation. Finally, it touches upon the rehabilitation of returnees who sustained physical and psychological traumas in the course of migration and in destination areas. The study draws on international labour theories and qualitative research approach. Snowball and purposive sampling techniques have been employed to select study participants. The data gathering tools used to obtain relevant information are ; In-depth interview, Focus Group discussion and Key Informant interview . A total of thirty-eight individuals have participated in the study including twenty returnee domestic workers, five key informants from government and non-governmental organization, and thirteen private empl oyment agencies. The finding of the study is that migration to the Arab countries has little contributio n in sustainable alleviating economic problems of female domestic workers. For majority of the returnees, it even complicated their life adding new difficulties. The study also revealed that compared to female domestic workers who work on contractual basis, freelancers are less exposed to abuses and exploitation. Finally it was found that very little done by government and other concerned parties on prevention part to protect the domestic workers from abuse and exp loitation and on rehabilitation of the victims. There is a need for soc ial work interventi on and protection of the women from further abuse and exploitation. Key Words: International migration, Domestic work, JIlegal Migration, Legal Migration, Migrants, trafficking, Ethiopian Women.



International migration, Domestic work, JIlegal Migration, Legal Migratio, Migrants, trafficking, Ethiopian Women