Investigation into Public Relations Strategy used in Tourism Marketing: The Case of Tourism Ethiopia.

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The Tourism industry is linked to the idea of people traveling to other locations, either domestically or internationally, for leisure social or business purposes. And Tourism offers a wide range of benefits, including economic benefits for countries attracting a large number of visitors, due to the money they spend not only on their stay, but also in local businesses. It is also provides a large number of jobs for people working in the transport and hospitality industry, among others. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the Public relations strategy in Tourism Marketing as used by Tourism Ethiopia. In his regard, the study takes a look at the status, opportunity, challenge and tools of PR in the practice of Tourism Marketing. Accordingly, to meet the research objectives of the study, a qualitative research approach is used and in-depth interview, Focus group discussion (FGD), document review and observations were used as data collection techniques. In regard to the sampling techniques fifteen (15) public relations staffs were selected for in-depth interview whereas a total of eighteen (18) Marketing and destination experts were also selected for focus group discussion (FGD) through purposive and snowball sampling techniques. The reason applying FGD technique is for the purpose of data triangulations. All the data obtained from the respondents is analyzed through qualitative approach and presented based on the basic research questions. The findings of the study showed that, the organization used all the necessary means to Market the Tourism sector within the Marketing department. The study also revealed that, all the Tourism Marketing activities are only done by the Marketing department but not the PR department. In this case, PR has no significant role in Tourism Marketing than promoting the good deeds and reputations of the organization. The study recommended that, the organization need to use the Public relations department better than before. Integrated Tourism Marketing communication should also implement properly to get better results in Tourism Marketing. All the meanness of communications including international Medias should be used in marketing the Tourism sector. And the organization should know the fundamental roles of PR in Tourism Marketing communication and create awareness on the minds of all organizational staffs. All PR tools and strategies need to be used and implemented properly for Tourism Marketing communication.



Public relations, Strategy, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Ethiopia