The New Media Applications in ETV Newsroom

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Addis Ababa University


The development of the internet and flexible new media technology profoundly changed the level of information exchange. The study tried to examine the extent to which new media technology is employed at ETV newsroom. (Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were applied. Questionnaires and individual in depth interviews were the instruments used to collect data from journalists, who were the focus of the study. The data were analyzed using SPSS genre. The result of the study depicted that the majority of the journalists surveyed know how to operate a computer with some basic training skills and on trial and error basis, but almost all the journalists do not have in-depth training on how to browse information from the Internet. Except some of the journalists, the majority of them have neither access to computer nor free access to the Internet in their respective media organizations. The finding showed that the journalists are far behind the information about events that are taking place worldwide as a result of lack of access to the Internet. The problem of poor access to Internet is attributed mainly to the poor infrastructure of this media house. The basic reason was lack of financial resource. Lack of giving attention to new media sector was also one challenging factors. Finally, the result of the study showed that there was a strong need to direct priority to the expansion of new media infrastructure in the media organizations and also building the capacity of journalists in order to cope up with globalization and information society. The utilization of the Internet potential was found to be insufficient in the organization I



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